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Scholarships for Students that few even know to apply for and other tuition breaks

Now that seniors have begun or finished the college application process, let’s explore some opportunities for tuition assistance and scholarships that few really know about to ask. Students with disabilities are offered many different kinds of aid by both state and the federal governments. Further, many private organizations offer tuition reduction in the form of grants for students who qualify under the ADA Act.  The Federal and State funds are limited and often subject to budget cuts, but those who apply early have the greatest advantage to securing some funds. Did you know there are scholarships for students with diabetes, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, and many others.  There are 13 pages of various options.  Check out the link below.

This link to can help you narrow your search by disability, state, and audience.  You can input your state, your audience would be both students and young people, and then whatever your class of disability and if you have more than one, do the searches for both.


The National Center for Learning Disabilities, Scholarships and Awards, is another institution that offers support for college funding.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

road-sign-464647_1280Watch this video about Federal Student Aid and how to best apply for financial aid options including: grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans. You Tube Video on Student Aid

This is the comprehensive Students with Disabilities College Funding site.  Find how you fit into the picture and what you can apply for: REMEMBER! These offices have budget specifically to give to students for college.  You can apply and get consideration.  The earlier in your senior winter you start this process, the more quickly you will learn about all the options you are eligible for, and I suggest if you are emailing or talking to someone when following up, to always ask that person: “do you know of any other aid programs for which I qualify?”  Your best ally is someone in the system who works on student aid programs.  These people know all the resources and are happy to help! If you want a specific search, you can always contact us! 


The US Department of Labor also offers scholarships, grants, jobs, and loans to 7000 people each year.  There are more restrictions for some of these offerings, but you should apply to everything you can.  I had a student about 15 years ago that kept applying to everything she felt she qualified for, and by the time she graduated, she was informed that she had been able to get 55K in student grants and scholarships, to be applied to her first two years of college.  This was a huge relief for her and her parents.  She did not have to pay any of those awards back.  US National Department of Labor Scholarships

The College Board also offers scholarship searching and scholarship assistance. This is open to anyone, not just students with disabilities.  I advise all students to fill this out because many scholarships are offered for gender, activities, sex, disability, GPA, SAT score, etc. College Board Scholarship Search

baby-772439_1920Also if you are multiple, there are often deals offered by colleges for that simple fact alone.  Twins get tuition deals and discounts of living as well.  You must ask for this as the colleges will not know especially if you and your siblings go to different schools.  Mothers of Twins Scholarships It doesn’t matter, multiple get discounts regardless. Scholarships for Twins This site is specifically for twins and the parents of twins. Easy to Navigate Financial Aid Search

Another option for assistance is through the National Youth Transitions Center, located in DC.  This organization was created to make sure that youth transitions through higher education are successful. You can ask about help to transition from high school to college. National Youth Transition Center

Here is the link to find your State’s Education Office and ask for scholarships and grants offered by your own state. Be on all radars as you never know which will assist you. Search by State for State College Scholarship Funds


This is one the simpler sites, which can quickly direct you to what sites are trustworthy or not regarding scholarships.Easy to Navigate Financial Aid sites

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