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Shared by John-David P on May, 14, 2016


Meg Glass has been extremely helpful to me in my life starting in High School and continues to help advise me today.


I first met Meg Glass when I was a senior in High School. She helped me with the SAT “Stupid A** Test!”, as she would say, and helped improve my score by over 200 points! This was one hundred percent due to her ability to connect with my learning style in addition to her tried and true concrete and logical teaching methods. Meg also helped me immensely with my college applications. Her invaluable knowledge and expertise in this department combined with her fantastic writing abilities helped tremendously in the essay portions of the application. I was later accepted to Brown University where I attended college.


After college, Meg continued to help me. Before I was given an offer to work at Bridgewater Associates, she was the one who helped me prepare for the interview. And three years later, after I had left Bridgewater to pursue my true passion as a Musician, Meg continued to help advice me on how to better create a brand for myself and get to the next level.


The truth is Meg is an amazing person. She is a fantastic and understanding friend as well as an extremely intelligent businesswoman who wants to help people be the best they can be.


So Thank you Meg Glass! My glass has been half full ever since you started helping me out more than 10 years ago.


It goes without saying that I highly recommend Meg Glass, and you better sign up quickly because she will definitely sell out!


Shared by Valerie & Mike M. – Parents

Over the past ten years, Meg Glass has been indispensable in getting all three of our children into their first choice “reach” universities.  None of this would have been possible without Meg, so you will never read a more glowing testimonial than this one!


Of particular note is Meg’s work with our youngest child who has a 504 Plan.  His learning issues presented particular challenges, so we hired Meg early (in the summer before his sophomore year in high school) and here is what she did:


  • Course Selection: Meg advised him on course selection to enhance his profile and demonstrate his willingness to master difficult challenges.  A good college wants to know that the student can handle its challenging curriculum, and Meg’s plan definitely did that.  Even with the rigorous course load, he graduated in the top 10% of his high school class.
  • SAT Preparation:  Working with him on a weekly basis, Meg zeroed in on exactly how he thinks, and therefore was able to raise his SAT score by 600 points, which was even more than our other children.  This demonstrates that Meg is able to tap into, and actualize, the highest potential of learning-disabled students. How?  Meg gives clear instruction through cogent explanations, spot-on homework, and nifty “shortcuts” (i.e., do these three steps and you will get 80% of the problems correct).
  • College Selection: Meg helped him sort through which colleges he should apply to.  She was savvy about understanding which colleges provide support to learning-disabled students.  However, she always encouraged him to “aim for the stars, because even if you land on the moon, you are better off”.  In our case, there was no settling for a poor school.   He definitely ended up at his clear first choice, which is a highly ranked university.
  • College Applications: Meg helped him prepare extremely convincing college applications, including numerous short and long essays.  These highlighted his strong work ethic and personal attributes, providing a compelling case that he will be successful in life.  Actually, this was the fun part.

Meg is a taskmaster, albeit a very kind and personable one.   She demands, and receives, the highest quality of work from her students, who in turn give her their complete trust and respect.  It is therefore natural for Meg to oversee the complete college application process.  As our son said, “Who else?   Who knows me better than Meg?”


We are very lucky to have found Meg Glass. Under her guidance, our children received superlative results and landed in great schools, including the Ivy League.  We have recommended Meg frequently to our friends and all agree: Meg Glass is simply the best at what she does!


March 2015

I met Meg when our son, Tom, was a sophomore in high school. That was 2002!! Tom was a jock….football, basketball, baseball….varsity, team captain, state champions etc….needless to say the time came for him to focus on applying to college…..we wanted the best for him and knew of Meg’s reputation from other parents and so we hoped that Meg would become Tom’s advisor as he started this incredibly stressful and at the same time, critical, phase of applying to higher education….


Tom was a good student, we knew his math ability was not the issue, his command of the English language and the nuances of the SAT needed attention….she managed to engage Tom, who was the type of student that sat in the back of the class and did not volunteer as much as he should. His potential was about to be discovered as Meg weaved her magic to connect and command that Tom strive to find that inner intelligence that he had been hiding to the surface….


He is now a teacher, a leader and a role model to so many students and I firmly am indebted to Meg and the seed that she planted that started to sprout in college and came full circle resulting in a student who knows the thrill of being happy and truly enjoying what he has chosen as a career path…..


Meg is committed, intelligent and the first to really assess students for what they can eventually achieve…..she has the tools, professional attitude and current trend analyses to develop a plan for every student at every level…..


We highly recommend Meg to any parent who wants their student to succeed to the best of their ability!


Grazie Meg!!!!!


Venera and John W


Shared by Sue G.-Parent

I have known Meg Glass for many years. She helped all four of my children achieve their first choice schools and excel. Our schools range from New York University, Fordham, University of Pennsylvania to MIT; all highly competitive schools of the highest caliber. All four girls got in early decision – thanks to Meg’s strong, encouraging knowledge of how to reach for the stars and work hard to get there. She challenged each of them to do their best, and she was kind and considerate when there were issues going on that prevented or delayed the process from moving forward smoothly.


I am referring, in particular, to my second daughter who has a learning disability. While her math scores were outstanding, her verbal score needed a lot of work. Meg helped her do her best, and now she is in her fourth year getting a PhD in Psychology and soon will be a Doctor of Psychology, a goal she never dreamed possible. Meg understood that she had a 504 plan, helped build her confidence in her test taking, and was there to ensure that she felt safe and confident.


Obviously, I found Meg’s help and work to be outstanding, otherwise I would not have had her help all four of our children. She is efficient, brilliant, hard-working, and determined. Besides all that she cares about your child as a person not just a statistic. All four of our girls did outstanding, and it was Meg’s strong reassuring attitude that helped them get there. I would highly recommend her to your child.




Shared by Sarah I.- recent graduate of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School Undergraduate program… International Client worked with while she was abroad.


“I had a great experience working with Meg! As an international student, I was obviously very new to the process of applying to colleges in the US and had a lot of questions about what the process involved and which schools might be a better fit for me – answers I wasn’t always able to find online. I had no difficulty scheduling sessions with Meg. She was approachable, professional and courteous in all our interactions, and I appreciated her views on my individual qualities as an applicant. She was a fantastic resource in helping me shortlist my choices and in helping the whole application process feel a lot less stressful.”




Shared by Joanna P. -former client


In high school I had terrible confidence issues when it came to my education. In my sophomore year of high school, I was diagnosed with Learning Disabilities, which accounted for my continual struggles to get good grades; this changed my life for the better and worse. I was fearful I could never catch up and worried I could not turn what had been a struggle into a success.


Then Meg came along. She tailored her teaching to my strengths and helped me learn that I, in fact, could do well. Not only did she help me score higher on my SAT’s but also on the parts of the SAT that I thought I would fail outright. Meg helped me realize that I did have strengths, and that I was smart.


That summer, with Meg’s help, I was accepted into a film program at Northwestern University.  The program provided me with newfound skills and knowledge as well as added to my resume when it came time to apply for college. Meg then guided me through college applications and even had input on what monologues I should choose for auditions. That was in 2007.


Years later, having graduated college and received a BA in the school of Arts and Sciences from the Catholic University of America, I still call Meg for help. Whether it’s for my resume, applying to further learning programs, or just for a friend to help me realize that I am good enough, Meg goes above and beyond. She won’t stop until you believe in yourself as much as she does. Not only am I lucky to call her my teacher, I am lucky enough to call her my friend.