Meg Glass & Associates, LLC

Annual Scholarship & Mentor Program






Every year, I offer two scholarships for 504 Class students, who are in need of college counseling and support.  To qualify, the student must be a sophomore in secondary school, and officially tested and qualified under the 504 Class.

The eligible students must meet both 504 criteria and financial need. Submission of an essay, copy of the 504 Plan, supporting financial documents are necessary for consideration.  The two students will receive the Comprehensive College Consulting Program.

In order for the program to be administered, access to the internet and Skype are necessary.

Completion of Scholarship Consideration Form and the upload of the essay are required by October 15th.  Supporting documentation must be received by November 1.  Winners of the scholarship will be notified by December 25th.

The essay must be between 600-800 words in length.  The topic is: What has my challenge to traditional learning given to me?  How does it make me stand out as a student?


Maximum file size: 67.11MB




The Mentor Program


In addition to two scholarships each year, I offer mentoring to two very ambitious and self-reliant students, who are interested in doing most of the work on their own, but need guidance and selected professional assistance to polish their own presentations to admissions offices.

These candidates must be in the top of their classes.  This selection is based on cumulative GPA, PSAT or PLAN Scores, Recommendation from a teacher, and an essay.

The prospective candidates must be in sophomore year and apply for assistance by October 15th.  Supporting documentation must be received by November 1.  Selected candidates will be informed by December 25th. Essay Topic: What best shows how you have demonstrated your leadership skills and drive to take you to the top?

Mentoring will begin March 1st in sophomore year.  An action plan will be developed, tools identified and benchmarks that must be obtained to stay on track.  Monthly check in for Q&A and suggestions as to how to make the most of the process going forward.

This is a rigorous cooperative relationship to help bright, motivated students who have the dedication and determination to go after what they want for themselves!


Maximum file size: 67.11MB