Meg Glass & Associates, LLC

About Me

I am an educational consultant/psychologist, who has been in practice for over 20 years.  I have worked in a variety of roles in every phase of the process of selecting, preparing for, and applying to college. New Image I have concentrated my practice to help students challenged by traditional learning. Most of my clientele are granted accommodations under
the ADA Act and have what are known as 504 Plans, which describe any support provided by schools to help with learning.

I support all my clients with great interest in their well-being throughout the process.  I am sensitive to all of their needs and concerns.  I am dedicated to helping bring each client to his or her potential and find the best environment in order to thrive while completing his or her college career.  Stepping into the unknown can be both thrilling and terrifying, I try to help make the transition feel as a progressive and maturing step in life, and one that will be remembered as an accomplishment. 

Creating a practice to help the development of adolescents was a dream I had while working in corporate finance out of college. As I progressed in corporate life, I became more and more enamored of the development of people rather than the development of business methods and practices….I left a successful corporate career and dedicated myself to development, education, and learning. I completed my graduate studies in psychology and decided to use my training in supporting the development of adolescents. I dedicated myself to create a way to help make the transition from home to college a bit smoother and less anxious for both the students and the parents. This practice has been a creation of my passion, and each new step and every new development, of this wonderful expression of my skills and talents, rewards me!


I live in Greenwich, Connecticut. I am a lover of fitness and sport activities. I have traveled to many countries and states. I enjoy music and film. I have a very large family of many siblings, their children and now their children’s children, who live all over the world. Keeping up with everyone is fun adventurous activity.

I have enjoyed keeping in touch with all my chums from grade school through graduate school through social media. I have extended my network of friends and colleagues from all over through the various media outlets, and it is nice to stay in touch and to plan some travel to reconnect. I always enjoy finding out about my former clients and how they all have progressed with their own lives!

I love winter and summer the best because the outdoor activities bring me such joy. I love skiing as well as paddle boarding.  So look forward to the chance to have some fun!Canyon Rnach