Meg Glass & Associates, LLC

Distinguished Success

Proudly wearing my Dartmouth jersey during this long snowy winter. The jersey was a gift given to me from my past student who promised to get me one once he got accepted. He gave it to me after he returned from his first visit after his acceptance. 😉 I also have a Brown, Boston College, Michigan, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale sweatshirts…a couple of fabulous Tshirts as well! Always proud to wear them!!

Knowing I am helping people create a legacy in their lives is possibly the most rewarding experience I could ever imagine. I know how extraordinary my very own undergraduate experience at The University of Virginia meant for my entire adult life.

I feel so proud to help my students to find their own place which will instill experiences of growth that serve them a lifetime. Their legacy is the something I feel is a great achievement that I got to participate as part of the team!

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