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Meg Glass has been in business for over 20 years as an educational consultant who specializes in helping students with challenges, often granted accommodations through the 504 Class under the ADA Act. She guides and suggests the best way to select an appropriate higher education plan and institution to help fulfill each student's potential, while offering the best support. She coaches the parents and student through the various steps of the process from selecting schools, developing resumes of activities, offering individualized support for testing, interviewing skills all the way through to application preparation. She has many years of training and expertise in the actual tools used by the students during the process, and she can smooth the anxiety and stress of going through this process in a more individualized and hands on approach. Meg is a psychologist by training and familiar with many of the psychological and emotional challenges during this transition of life. She can empathically provide the support for the student to achieve this milestone in his or her academic career.